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Steering Committee


The Super Saturday Committee gratefully acknowledges the efforts of everyone in the community that make this event possible. We would like to thank area businesses for their generosity, the Village of Union Grove for their cooperation, and the Union Grove Department of Public Works for all of their hard work.

~ Gordon Svendsen, Super Saturday Chair

Super Saturday Committee

  • Super Saturday Chair Gordon Svendsen
  • Village Square Larissa Gallagher, Cheryl Sweet
  • Stage Schedule Carolyn Hernandez,   Neil Buchanan
  • Craft Fair Denise Brixius
  • Scavenger Hunt Liz Johnson, Jennifer Ditscheit, Amy Sweet
  • CSB 5K Fun Run Greg Wall, Ellie Heigl, Neil Buchanan
  • Chamber Event Jennifer Ditscheit
  • Mailings Amy Buchanan
  • Kiwanis Street Dance Mike Aimone
  • Corn Stand Carolyn Hernandez, Doug Preston, Scott Ketterhagen
  • Website, Marketing, Social Media Larissa Gallagher, Jeff Nielsen
  • Village Contact Mark Osmundson
  • Volunteer Coordinator Neil Buchanan